| To the wonderful RSAcraft community |

Thank you for everything over the last 4 years. This is the official unfortunate announcement, that we will be shutting down RSAcraft ( Survival, Skyblock )

It has been an interesting experience technically, creating servers from the ground up, planning out features and how it should all come together, the 4am config modifications, the system side of things. Almost hard to believe it's only been 4 years.

Emotionally it has been fucking mental. We have encountered the most ungrateful and entitled people probably in the gaming scene. However, these few individuals have been completely overshadowed by the rest of you who made RSAcraft the friendliest, most respectful, highest tolerance to bullshit and drama free MC community most of us have ever encountered.

We have watched as the server brought people together, assisting towards the creation of real life friendships & relationships. Looking back at it all, this is how I am going to remember RSA. This is, what made our investment into the community worth while.

As for the reason to why we are shutting down, it's quite simply a decision we made due to our current lack of time and funds to continue pushing hours and hours into updates, gamemodes etc, that unfortunately is not maintaining a player base to make it feasible going forward. We tried our best to give this situation time to change. The fact is, this situation is a two sided argument.

There are simply no words to describe the gratitude we have for every single person who financially contributed to RSAcraft, as well as those who contributed valuable free time to help out. This counts for other supporters as well even if just in the form of voting daily and keeping us visible. There are a few individuals who went over and above in every aspect mentioned above, you guys are MVP's. We are honored to have had you in our community, loyal friends.

Link to list of supporters, voters and everyone else below, If we missed your name please let us know, likewise if you would like to be removed from the list for any reason.

[ Thank You ]

RSAcraft will still be around, although likely intermittently until early next year, as we are launching a modded server which we really enjoy much more than vanilla MC. This will be for fun only, of course anyone is welcome to join however expect to have no ranks and no official support, just come play the game!

/rip to pay respects

AUG 2015 - DEC 2019